World Champion-worthy

The Trackmachine was developed specifically for the Swiss National Track Team using cutting-edge aerodynamic technologies and extraordinary engineering for a record-breaking machine. With a palmarés that includes a World Championship title it‘s clear this bike is the weapon of choice for the boards.

Trackmachine 01

Propelling the origins of cycling into the future.

Originally created to satisfy the performance needs of the Swiss team at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Trackmachine 01 was engineered for ultimate efficiency, adjustability, and ease of use. Since then, we've only built upon those original design philosophies. At the bike's core is the aerodynamic 01 Premium Carbon frame that's refined with Vmax Aero Technology and benefits from our p2p stem and seatpost. This is a bike that takes you around the track faster, whether you're breaking the World Hour Record or the one at your local club. 

Configurations of Trackmachine 01

Trackmachine AL

From Olympic velodromes to your local track

Opposite the BMC HQ is the Swiss National velodrome. That's where you find us on our lunch breaks – and this is the bike we ride. A Trackmachine for everyone; not just the pros.

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Vmax Technology
p2p integrated seatpost
Adjustable Dropouts
p2p modular stem

Vmax Technology

p2p x subA: The formula for high-performance cycling – Position-to-Perform maximizes the adjustability of your riding position while SubA innovation creates an incredibly fast frame profile. Do the math!

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p2p integrated seatpost

The p2p integrated seatpost offers 4 different saddle hardware attachment possibilities for maximum rider position adjustability (only Trackmachine 01)

Adjustable Dropouts

Replaceable and adjustable full-stainless steel dropouts.

p2p modular stem

The p2p modular stem is adjustable in length and in height, delivering 0ptimized stiffness and steering precision.