Timemachine Road


Built by speed

You’re not looking for any ordinary bike. You’re looking for the fastest bike ever. With perfected aero geometry and class-leading integration, the Timemachine Road ushers in a new era of speed.

Timemachine Road 01

Aero is everything

The Timemachine Road has been sculpted so that you can drop the opposition. Every aspect of this pioneering bike makes you scythe through the air faster: from the meticulously engineered tube shapes of the Aerodynamic 01 Premium Carbon frame through to its total class-leading integration. The ICS Aero stem and bars are a defining component of the fastest BMC road bike to date, along with the all-new Aero Module. This is aerodynamics at its finest and most functional for the rider who wants to go faster.

Timemachine ROAD 01 MOD


  • ICS Aero Cockpit
  • Aero Module
  • Premium Carbon D-Seatpost
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